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Specialised Care for Leather and Suede

At Richmond Hill Dry Cleaners we expertly clean and condition leather and suede garments alike. Trust us for specialised services that keep your fine leathers looking their best.

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Our professional leather experts use customized solutions and techniques to clean leather while retaining suppleness. We lift away dirt, oils and stains from jackets, trousers, coats and more. Conditioning preserves flexibility and restores moisture.

Suede Cleaning and Renewal

For suede, we gently brush away surface dirt and use specialised foam cleaners to lift stains from the delicate material. Our renewal techniques restore nap and vibrancy - we’ll have them looking new!

Protect Your Investment

Leather and suede require expert care to maintain their quality and extend longevity. At Richmond Hill Dry Cleaners we treat your pieces with the gentleness they deserve. Trust us to keep your leather and suede items clean, conditioned and protected.

Contact us for specialised leather and suede services backed by decades of experience. We provide the expert care your fine leathers deserve.

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