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Expert Repairs and Alterations for Your Wardrobe

At Richmond Hill Dry Cleaners, our master tailors and seamstresses can perform expert alterations, repairs and custom tailoring for all your garments. Trust us to modify, mend and customise your clothing with artisan-quality workmanship.

Alterations for the Perfect Fit

We specialize in precision alterations so your clothes fit just right. Our experts can take in or let out seams, hem trousers and dresses, re-size sleeves, shorten coat length, and more - always matching original stitches and fabrics. Trust us for the perfect custom adjustments on any garment.

Repairs Done Right

Over time, garments need mending. We can expertly patch holes, replace missing buttons, re-attach trimmings, darn woven tears, sew split seams, repair linings, replace broken zippers, and refresh any well-worn spots. Our meticulous repair work restores clothing to mint condition. And if you're unsure about the perfect hem length? No problem, our team can pin your garments in-store allowing you to see the length and approve before alterations are made.

Custom Tailoring With Care


For alterations, repairs and custom tailoring that helps cherished clothes last longer, trust our artisans team. Contact us and let us know how we can refresh your wardrobe with our master craftsmanship.

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