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Dry Cleaning That's Good For Your Clothes and The Planet

At Richmond Hill Dry Cleaners, we clean with care and a whole lot of heart. Our eco-friendly dry cleaning restores vibrancy and softness to your fabrics while protecting the environment. Because clean clothes shouldn't dirty the planet.


Our secret ingredient? K4 solvent - an innovative cleaner made to prevent harm to the planet. It's non-toxic, biodegradable, and over 99% pure. K4 lifts away grime, oils, and sweat without harsh chemicals. It works wonders to dissolve stains while being oh-so-gentle on delicate fabrics.

We Treat Your Clothes Like Our Own

From silk dresses to suit jackets, every garment gets customised care. Our experts hand-inspect buttons, pleats, and seams before cleaning. We assign the perfect solvents, cycles, and drying based on fabric needs. Then we flawlessly press and finish, returning clothes ready to wear on hangers or in protective plastic.


At Richmond Hill Dry Cleaners, we want your clothes to come out looking vibrant, feeling soft, and smelling fresh. You know, like they just came from the cleaners! Because they did - by people who treat garments with the care they deserve.


Why We're The Cleaners You'll Love

  • Eco-friendly solvent keeps clothes looking new

  • Customised process specifically for your fabrics

  • Attention to details like collars, cuffs, and hems

  • Removes tough stains and pesky odours

  • No shrinkage or damage to your clothes

  • Convenient pickup & delivery

  • Exceptional service with a smile

  • Affordable prices

Let our cleaning team refresh your wardrobe the planet-friendly way. Contact us today to feel the difference of our eco-dry cleaning services. Your clothes will thank you!

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