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Specialised Services for Curtains, Rugs and More

At Richmond Hill Dry Cleaners we provide specialty cleaning for curtains, rugs, drapes and other home textiles requiring expert care. Trust our exceptional services to refresh these essential items.

Curtain Cleaning

We safely clean all curtain fabrics from delicate sheers to heavy brocades. Our eco-friendly methods remove dust, pollution, odours and allergens. Curtains maintain vibrancy and dimensional stability. We also carry out alterations and repairs on curtains for your re-lengthening and relining needs!

Drapery Cleaning

Any drapes and tapestries receive customized cleaning based on fabric, embellishments and size. Your drapery returns resuscitated, fresh and ready to hang beautifully.

Rug Cleaning

From heirloom orientals to everyday area rugs, we provide specialised rug cleaning. Our experts evaluate each rug and assign customised processes to gently lift dirt while protecting fibres, dyes, fringes and backing.

Trust us for world-class cleaning services for your home textiles. Our experts bring out the best in your curtains, rugs and delicate furnishings.

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