Our website,, has been designed to be fully accessible and usable to all users regardless of who they are or what technology they are using to access the Internet.

We have provided a series of keyboard shortcuts intended to help users who have difficulty in using pointing devices such as a mouse. This website uses the UK Government access key system and the following information summarises each of the keyboard shortcut commands available to you.

Depending on your browser type use one of the following:


With Windows-based systems, in general, press the "Alt" key and the relevant access key:

     - Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or later » press "Alt" and the relevant number / letter, then press the "Enter" key

     - Mozilla Firefox version 3 or later » press "Alt" + "Shift" and the relevant number / letter at the same time

     - Opera 9.0 or later » hold down the Shift key and press Escape, release both keys, then press the number of the accesskey


 With Macintosh-based systems, if you are using Safari, Camino or Mozilla Firefox press the "Crtl" key and the relevant access key.

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